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Agrarian Reform is about sharing land with landless tillers. It is equally about developing the capacity of the landless-turned-landholders to become profitable, environmentally-sound agricultural producers operating within a social, economic, technological, and political environment that works in their favor.

It is all about economic viability and ecological integrity. It promotes the competitive advantage of the country in agriculture while seeing to it that productive resources are protected from abuse. Above all, it is about equity, for it is an investment in social justice and peace - the milieu fundamental to economic growth and holistic development. Making millions of small farmers owners of the land they till gives them a stake in society. Owner-cultivatorship also releases their potentials as producers and consumers. But it will not come about without extraordinary political will based on a clear understanding of socio-economic, political, and cultural realities. It will succeed only if the farmers and farmworkers demand its implementation and participate in the process.

KAISAHAN is committed to help accelerate program implementation and facilitating beneficiaries' participation in all aspects and stages of agrarian reform and rural development including democratic participation in governance.


Facilitate agrarian reform implementation and sustainable rural development alongside marginalized groups, especially small farmers and farmworkers and other stakeholders at the national and local level toward the formation of sustainable integrated area development (SIAD) communities where people are empowered and have COCO:

Creative, collection, and critical consciousness-raising;
Organizational development;
Coalition building and advocacy work;
Overcoming gender and other biases;

All these leading to sustainable development marked by BREAD:

Basic services delivery;
Resource tenure improvement;
Economic self-reliance and strengthening;
Agricultural development and ecological nurturance;
Democratic participation in governance.


The enactment of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law (CARL) on June 15, 1988 signaled the beginning of new era for advocates of agrarian reform and rural development (ARRD). At that time, the new law was under severe criticisms from ARRD advocates because of many loopholes that could spell disaster in actual program implementation.

In 1990, former Sec. Florencio "Butch" Abad was appointed as Secretary of the Department of Agrarian Reform. Unfortunately, his stint with the DAR was cut short after a few months. His group, however, decided to pursue agrarian reform advocacy even while working outside the government. They believed that despite the flaws of the law, certain provisions can still be maximized for the benefit of small farmers and farm workers.

With this optimistic note, Kaisahan tungo sa Kaunlaran ng Kanayunan at Repormang Pansakahan or Solidarity Towards Countryside Development and Agrarian Reform (also known as Kaisahan) was formed on June 5, 1990.


Empowered and sustainable communities of women and men; building the Philippines with an activist state that is civil society-biased; a people-led economy which sustainable provides for its growing needs based on sound agricultural development and industry; of citizens constantly vigilant of their rights and freedom, nurturing spirituality, caring for each other and the earth and enhancing our nation's rich yet diverse cultural heritage; towards building a world free from inequity, injustices and prejudices, with global cooperation among co-equal sovereign striving for peace and environmental soundness for future generations.


Kaisahan is a social development organization promoting a sustainable and humane society through the empowerment of marginalized groups in rural areas, especially among farmers and farmworkers, to undertake their own development, participate fully in democratic processes and demand their rightful share in the stewardship of the land and the fruits of their labor.


      1. Faster, Fairer, and More Meaningful LTI
        Facilitate land tenure improvement in area specific barangays and municipalities.
      2. Building SIAD Communities
        Development of SIAD communities in partnership with local POs, like-minded NGOs, reform-oriented GOs-LGUs, church-based agencies, academe and research institutions, and other stakeholders.
      3. Promoting the SIAD Approach
        Promote SIAD as a development approach among national and/or local-based NGOs, SDOs, PO, LGUs, and multilateral donor agencies.
      4. Active People's Policy Engagement, Advocacy, and Lobby
        Create or reinforce a political and policy environment favorable to agrarian reform and rural development.
      5. Democratic of Local Politics and Governance
        Facilitate the creation of an environment that encourages democratic participation in local politics and governance.



Office of the Executive Director


Mr. Anthony N. Marzan
Executive Director

Ms. Maricel A. Tolentino
Deputy Executive Director

Ms. Gillian Marie M. Cruz
Project Development and Monitoring Officer

Ms. Janet Y. Divino
Project Development and Monitoring Officer


Administrative and Finance Unit


Ms. Liezle S. Sabinorio
Finance Officer

Ms. Daizy Mae M. Soriano

Mr. Luis J. Borja
Administrative Assistant


Policy Advocacy, Campaigns, and Legal Affairs Unit


Atty. Mary Claire A. Demaisip
Legal Coordinator

Atty. Rolly Francis C. Peoro
Legal Officer

Ms. Kimberly B. Alvarez
Policy Advocacy and Campaign Officer


Land Tenure Improvement and Support Services Unit


Mr. Gil A. Portillo
Area Coordinator

Mr. Gilbert Negad
Area Coordinator

Mr. Jared Lagahit
Land Tenure and Improvement Officer

Mr. Edmond Carpeso
Livelihood and Support Officer

Ms. Editha B. Manto
Community Organizer

Ms. Merlyn R. Dela Cruz
Community Organizer

Mr. Leomar O. Magbato, Jr.
Community Organizer

Mr. Efraim A. Belacas
Community Organizer



Atty. Florencio B. Abad
Chairman Emeritus

Mr. Victor Gerardo J. Bulatao

Mr. Anthony Marzan

Atty. Janice L. Co

Ms. Jane Lynn D. Capacio

Atty. Marlon J. Manuel

Atty. Normita V. Batula

Atty. Ma. Lourdes Zerelda S. Pacuribot

Hon. Tomasito S. Villarin

Atty. Magistrado A. Mendoza, Jr.

Ms. Kimberly B. Alvarez
Staff Representative

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+632 433 0760
+632 921 5436

[email protected]


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