09 Apr 2020

Proud VASFA! Proud Beneficiaries!

Three years after installation, a lot of things have changed with the Valencia Agrarian Farmers Association (VASFA) and our members. We now have other income-generating activities aside from rice farming. We were able to buy our own hand tractor, and we rent this out to other farmers for a lower price compared to others. The income from the rental goes to the organizational fund and to the equipment’s maintenance. We are currently saving funds to purchase other farm equipment. We want to mechanize our farms since we are getting older, and it’s becoming harder for us to work in the field.

We have also already attracted new members because of our sound organizational policies when it comes to support services.

After a couple of harvest seasons, many members were also able to fix and build better houses. Leonardo Nayon, our treasurer, got married because he was finally able to afford a concrete house. According to him, it’s a house decent enough to raise a family. We were also able to send some of our children back to school, because they previously stopped schooling when they were working as farm laborers.

We are pretty much satisfied with our status right now-free from debt, and proud farmers!

Words by:
VASFA Farmers


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