26 Mar 2020

Informal Settler to Landowner

When we started working on our land acquisition and distribution (LAD) process in 2016, most people believe it’s impossible for us to get installed. One member even said that he will cut one of his fingers if the landlord allowed DAR to install us.

It all started when I learned about KAISAHAN. I was more than willing to coordinate with them since they are not asking for any money. We didn’t have that much back then. My husband and I were seasonal farm laborers. When not working in the farm, my husband worked as a carpenter, while I sold bananas and cassava. We have to work a lot because our children are still in school, but I badly wanted to stop being a farm laborer. I cannot stand the heat. My husband is also sick so he cannot stay under the sun that long. We had to work from 7AM to 4PM but we only earn 150 pesos a day.

Luckily, after almost 3 years, we got installed with the help of KAISAHAN!

We all cannot believe it at first, but most of the members of my farmer association are happy because we finally got our own land. We do not have to worry about being ejected from our homes anymore, because our previous houses were standing in a land that was not ours. Now, most of the members move here in our land and built our own houses beside our farms.

My dream to stop being a laborer came true. We start our farm activities early in the morning when the sun is still not that hot, and then we’re back at home at 8AM for some rest and family time. And then, if needed, we continue working in the farm at 4PM when it’s no longer hot.

We didn’t have time for relaxation when we were still farm laborers. Now that we have our own land, we have enough time to rest. Our installation has helped my husband recover from his sickness since he’s now able to relax for a longer time. We also no longer have to worry about our food like before, since we are setting aside some of our harvested corn for our daily meals.

Words by:

Beatriz Gablines
Member, MOFA



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