30 May 2017

A Non-CLOA Holders Empathy

We organized SALUFA (Salvacion United Farmers Association) after Yolanda (Haiyan) because we were advised that it is easier to access support for typhoon victims if they are organized. As a chairperson, it is my task to make sure that the organization is active. With the help of my members, we kept SALUFA active.

When KAISAHAN went to Salvacion, we are already an active organization. KAISAHAN offered to assist my members who are CLOA holders in claiming their lands. I am not a CLOA holder. I inherited my land from my father who is an EP holder. It was awarded to him during the time of Marcos. Compared to my members, I don’t really have problems with my land as big as theirs but I am doing my best to help them.

Because I keep on attending dialogues with DAR and trainings with KAISAHAN, I have learned a lot of things about land rights that I could use while assisting my members. I accompany them to land bank to check necessary records. I coordinate with KAISAHAN, sometimes in my members behalf, to process necessary documents. Through coordinating with KAISAHAN, I learned to understand my members situations most especially the CLOA holders.

Words by:

Joseph Magan 
Chairperson Salvacion United Farmers Association (SALUFA)


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