KAISAHAN helped me improve as an individual. I am an honorary member of HABENARBA, so even though I am not an ARB, I was able to work directly with KAISAHAN, and attend the trainings they organized for the association. Ermalyn, HABENARBA's chairperson, also re-echoes the training she participated in, so I learned from these training as well.

I am now a Barangay Kagawad, and I can confidently say that the stuff I learned in the training were very useful in my job. The trainings did not only help the members of HABENARBA, but the rest of the community as well, because the assistance I give is extended to the other members of the community. I also shared the things I learned from the leadership training with my fellow barangay leaders.

I am really thankful for the opportunity to be an honorary member of HABENARBA and be assisted by KAISAHAN. //

Words by:

Fred Gallego
Honorary Member, HABENARBA
Negros Occidental