I have been tilling my land for decades now, even before we were finally installed in August 2016. I am really happy when we got formally installed because I could stop worrying about my land being taken away by previous landowners. Good thing, the previous landowners are not vile, unlike the others. However, it still worries me that they might take away my land someday because we are not formally installed, so I think there is some illegality in there.

But now that DAR installed us, I could go to my farm and cultivate it without worrying. I don’t have to think about it anymore. We also received a number of support. I was given a carabao and some cacao and coffee cuttings. It is really good to get installed because we were able to get support services. And I could now safely tell my children that they have a land to inherit.

Words by: Nemecio Ramos Member Aguiting Alliance of Livelihood Farmers Association (AALIVEFA)