The United Farmers of Bagong (UFAB) already exists before KAISAHAN came to our Barangay. We were advised to organize so we could avail various support services from the City Agriculture Office. Before, our organization is not that active and our main focus is to request and get support services.

I was elected as the chairperson. And as a chairperson, my fellow farmers with problems in their land would come to me and ask some questions about their CLOAs. I did not know what to say, and I felt like I am not worthy to be their leader.

That is why I was excited when KAISAHAN invited me to join the paralegal trainings. I was enlightened during the trainings and I get the answers that my fellow farmers needed.

Being a paralegal made me a better leader and community member because I can now help them with their land rights issues. I could help the rest of the community, and not just the members of UFAB.

Words by: Leticia Singahan Chairperson United Farmers of Bagong (UFAB)