Agrarian Reform and a Risked Marriage

Our installation last 2018 has really benefited our family. We lost our house before because of road widening. They asked us to leave. Now that we have our own land, a home wouldn’t be a problem for us anymore. We are living a simple life in this hut in the middle of our corn farm. I told my husband before, I don’t mind if we live in a small house, as long as it stands in our own land.

I am really happy that I had the guts to fight for our land rights. Everyone was so discouraging before. Some even called us “sagupa.” Even my husband has told me to stop attending the meetings because it’s a waste of time. We fought hard when he told me that it is impossible for us to be installed in this land. Good thing I wasn’t discouraged. Now, look at him-so happy with all the corns we harvested yesterday! //

Words by:

Alicia Caingay
Member, MOFA